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Sumner Global North America (SGNA) is a supplier of manpower and product procurement services for government and large private healthcare institutions & law enforcement and military agencies around the world.
With a focus on Logistics and the Healthcare & Defense sectors for North America, SGNA has built a team that brings with it a very strong and established track record of successful completions in both Continental US (CONUS) and Outside of Continental US (OCONUS).

SGNA realizes that Healthcare and Defense organizations have a requirement for a myriad of products and services (both lethal and non-lethal) they need in order to successfully perform their daily duties.

With integrity and transparency at the forefront, every project the group delivers is corporate governance led, with the aim of creating ethical and sustainable value during the whole process from tender to completion.
SGNA (Defense) also has ammunition & ordnance manufacturing experience and capabilities utilizing state of the art production line technology delivering products efficiently to NATO standards.

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